Healthy aging

11.25.2021 0

The concept of healthy aging is often distorted and misrepresented, but it is simply to age well to enjoy life in good health. Behind every healthy aging program are two key goals: slowing the process of cellular degeneration associated with aging and restoring each individual's ability to be healthy. In a study published in the journal Nature, the number of cells in our body is 30 trillion, each with an average life expectancy of seven to ten years. Some of them are replaced in a few hours, while others take many years, if they are replaced at all, depending on their location, function and actions. With the passage of time and our progressive aging, our body's ability to regenerate cells gradually deteriorates, sometimes faster than other people's bodies. We can influence this: firstly, through a lifestyle full of healthy habits, and secondly, through specific action plans.

  • Increase in life expectancy

If addressing our ageing process has always been a priority, it is even more so now that we know how life expectancy has increased over the past few decades. It is no longer just a question of living longer, something that has been made possible by science; it is a question of living better, something that is often in our hands. It is about living without disease. Our goal is not only to prevent or slow down premature aging once the causes have been identified; we also want to naturally stimulate and reconstruct the different metabolic processes and systems needed for each individual case. The first thing we need to know is our true state of health to determine our biological age.

Healthy aging can only be achieved by implementing healthy habits into our lives, mainly in the areas related to nutrition, physical activity and mind-body balance. The methodology at the Medical Center - Skhidnytsia includes a strong commitment to natural therapies and the development of a fully personalized diet, exercise and health plan with body and mind discipline sessions. We will complete the program by creating a set of lifestyle recommendations and activities that will allow guests to adopt new healthy habits that will complete their true anti-aging process and allow them to enjoy a new, healthier life.