Hypoxico - train like an Olympian

8.3.2022 0

Do you know that many athletes go to train in the mountains for some time?

Mountain air has an interesting feature - the concentration of oxygen in it is slightly lower than in the plains, so the body mobilizes all resources. Respiratory and cardiovascular systems develop especially noticeably. As a result, a person becomes stronger and more enduring.

Technologies of the XXI century allow not to spend precious resources on endless flights, hiking at altitude, but to create the necessary conditions in our office at the Skhidnytsia Medical Center. The mountain literally comes to Mohammed. We are open to innovation, so each of our patients has the opportunity to include in the schedule of procedures a little mountain air, which is fed into the mask through a special generator.

What will happen to your body after such exercises ?

  • Resistance to hypoxia affects the ability to cope with stress. Therefore, training will help prevent chronic stress, fatigue, depression and professional burnout.
  • During hypoxia, erythropoiesis or blood formation increases, red blood cells carry more oxygen to the tissues, and a person becomes more resistant to physical exertion. Amateurs get a quick effect from training, professional athletes improve their performance.
  • In addition, by increasing the oxygen transport function of the blood, athletes and fitness enthusiasts do not lose performance during menstruation.
  • Good news for those who have reached a plateau and do not know how to get off the ground. Training in oxygen deficiency will force the body to adapt and get out of the energy-saving mode.
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