List of cytological tests of the Medical Center - Skhidnytsia

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In the Medical Center - Skhidnytsia you can undergo cytological tests in comfortable conditions at reasonable prices.
During the initial examination, the doctor, based on objective data, prescribes cytological tests to the patient individually. The examination is necessary so that a specialist can make an accurate and correct diagnosis.

List of cytological tests of the IC

  • Cytological examination of biological fluids (urine, transudate, puncture fluid)
  • Cytological examination of breast discharge
  • Material obtained during gynecological, urological examinations
  • Imprints from tumor biopsies
  • Scraping, discharge from the surface of erosions, ulcers, wounds
  • Study of the secret of the prostate gland
  • Cytological examination of scrapings, smears, imprints of skin, mucous membranes of different localization
  • Cytological examination of fine needle aspiration biopsies (breast)
  • Cervical cytological examination (traditional screening)

You can also undergo an examination:

  • Spermogram
  • Microscopic examination for fungal cells: scraping from affected skin, nail plates, hair
  • Microscopic examination for skin mites: Demodex / Demodex (scraping from the affected areas of the skin, pustules, eyelashes)
  • Cytological examination of blood smear in case of detection of pathological changes
  • Leukocyte formula by leukocyte concentrate method (if pathological changes are detected)

Demodicosis: infection of the skin with a parasitic mite
Demodicosis is a disease that is sometimes mistakenly confused with acne.
But such a mistake can be easily detected by diagnosis by conducting laboratory tests, which will show an unmistakable result, since the causative agent of demodicosis is the acne mite Demodex, Demodicosis is characterized by a pustular rash that appears in places of accumulation of the mite - hair follicles and sebaceous areas of the face.
With timely treatment by a specialist, the disease is easy to treat.
Please note that timely and high-quality laboratory tests are necessary for the doctor to correctly diagnose, prescribe the correct course of treatment and accurately monitor the health of the patient - adult or child.

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