Freedom from headaches

5.9.2022 0

Headaches significantly reduce the quality of life and are among the most common causes of disability. The causes of headaches are very diverse and not always obvious.

If you or your loved ones often suffer from headaches, do not rush to take analgesics. This can cause more harm and contribute to the development of an abusive (medicinal) headache that is difficult to treat. It is also impossible to ignore (tolerate) constant headache, as it is an obvious sign of malaise in the body.
Consult a neurologist and get examined. After all, the causes of headaches can be very different - fatigue, intoxication and inflammation in various diseases (including ENT organs, eyes), vascular disorders, cervical osteochondrosis, neurotic disorders, blood pressure fluctuations, etc. Therefore, they need to be treated differently, eliminating the cause of your constant headache. Determining the root cause of a headache is the most important part of solving this problem.

📍The program is aimed at finding the true cause of headaches and selecting the most effective treatment.

📍This program will suit you if.

- You have frequent or recurrent headaches and want to understand their cause

- Headache interferes with life activities: work, sports or other activities

- You would like to minimize the amount of medication you take for headaches

📍The program is led by a neurologist: he conducts an initial consultation and all the necessary diagnostics, and also refers to doctors of other specializations depending on the patient's situation, for example, a rehabilitation therapist, psychotherapist, ophthalmologist or dentist-gnathologist

📍 In addition, our experts will help you choose modern injection techniques and minimally invasive neurosurgical methods of treating headaches, if necessary.

📍According to the results of the research, you will receive a visual report with the results of all examinations, as well as an individual plan for the safest and most effective treatment.

📝To sign up for the program and for more information, please call: +380 50 371 94 24