Individual insoles. Plantography-diagnostics of feet.

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Individual orthopedic insoles - quickly and efficiently!
If you think that only those who have foot problems need special insoles, we have something to surprise you.
In fact, insoles are a universal story.
In patients with deformities, they correct the correct central axis of mobility (feet become more functional), provide good cushioning, relieve fatigue in the legs under heavy loads, and prevent diseases.
For patients with pathological changes in the foot, the use of individually made orthopedic insoles, taking into account the stage of the disease, the severity of deformity and other anatomical features of each foot, is a chance to stop the development of the disease
Such insoles help to set the feet in a physiological position, thereby:
Properly distribute the load (including reducing the shock load while walking, running);
unload the feet and thumb joint;
✅ relieve them of tension;
✅improve blood circulation.
If this is not done, valgus / varus and other deformities will inevitably lead to biomechanical disorders in all parts of the musculoskeletal system: ankle, knee, hip joints, as well as in the spine.
What's the danger?
The appearance of joint pain, arthrosis, heel spurs and disorders of normal function of internal organs.
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