Aesthetic medicine at the Kyivska Rus Medical Center

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The Kyivska Rus Medical Center offers a wide range of aesthetic medicine services. It is hard to find a person who would not want to improve their health, feel and see themselves younger. The center's specialists will help you with this. You can not only relax or have fun in the hotel complex, but also undergo a diagnostic check-up of the age-related condition of the entire body, skin and hair and significantly increase your energy resource, reduce the volume and improve the condition of body contours, rejuvenate the skin and restore the radiance of the face, without any extra effort.
Experienced and qualified specialists practice traditional and non-traditional methods, the most modern procedures, evidence-based medicine, which are completely safe.

What aesthetic medicine services can you get at the Kyivska Rus center?
The medical center offers a wide range of services aimed at:
increasing the energy reserve of the whole organism at the cellular level, enhancing recovery and rejuvenation processes in tissues, detoxification at the cellular level of the whole organism;
- Improving physical fitness (effective toning of body muscles, getting rid of toxins, cellulite swelling, body contour correction, safe and fast weight loss);
- injections of lymphatic drainage drugs and lipolytic cocktails;
- body beauty (improving the morphological condition of the skin, preventing age-related and aesthetic changes);
- treatment of scalp and hair diseases, prevention of hair loss;
- restoring youth based on a state of absolute health (adequate treatment and prevention of diseases that lead to early aging, combating age-related manifestations and changes);
- treatment of secondary skin changes, hyperpigmentation, scars, striae,
Improving skin turgor and tone using hardware and injection techniques with modern mesotherapeutic drugs.
Detoxification, proper nutrition, and optimal physical activity are used to restore beauty and improve the body's condition. At the Kyivska Rus Medical Center, a wide range of modern methods of physiotherapy and balneology are practiced, which have proven their effectiveness:
- high-tone hi-tone therapy;
- focal magnetic tissue stimulation;
- anti-cellulite shock wave therapy;
- cavitation;
- hypoxia therapy;
- wrapping with biologically active organic compounds;
- different massage techniques are used;
- plasma therapy, homeopathic biopuncture;

Aesthetic medicine and cosmetology
Cosmetology and aesthetic medicine in the complex Kyivska Russ Resort Medical and Spa

- pressure therapy with bandaging and the use of active serums;
- carboxytherapy;
- hydrotherapy.
For each patient, a program of treatments, nutrition and physical activity is prescribed individually after an assessment of the body condition. The InBody system is used for this purpose.
The center's specialists will not only help you improve your skin condition, make it more elastic and rejuvenate your body, but also rid you of various aesthetic flaws. If you have scars, striae, etc., after a set of procedures, you will forget about their existence.
Aesthetic medicine services are very popular. The methods practiced at the Kyivska Rus Medical Center are safe and very effective, so if you are concerned about certain flaws or have complexes about your appearance, the center's specialists will help you get rid of them.