What is lymphatic drainage?

2.4.2022 0

Maintaining a healthy active body is essential for a good quality of life. As you know, a balanced diet and physical activity are recommended to achieve this. However, pampering yourself from time to time can also help. And regular use of natural treatments can lead to both physical and mental improvement.Lymphatic drainage is a massage technique that stimulates the outflow of lymph to the lymph nodes. It activates the body's natural functions. The lymphatic system spreads throughout the body, collecting foreign products and transporting them to the lymph nodes where they are examined. As you can see, it is an important part of your immune system. In fact, it can recognize antigens and react to them, minimizing the risk of getting sick.
What are its main effects?

Lymphatic drainage has a wide range of effects including:

  • Activation of the immune system: by stimulating the flow of lymph through the lymphatic system, invasive toxins in the body are pushed to the lymph nodes where they can be analyzed and destroyed.
  • Sympatholytic effect: this effect is related to the effect of massage, as the level of cortisol (stress hormone) in the body is reduced during lymphatic drainage treatment. As a result, you will feel a great relaxation.
  • Pain relief : the accumulation of lymph in certain areas due to poor circulation can cause swelling due to excess fluid. This fluid, because it is stored in the wrong place, puts pressure on other structures and can cause pain. When the lymph nodes are unloaded, the pain and swelling disappear.
  • Drainage action : this is the basis of lymphatic drainage. Once the toxins are mobilized, other actions can take place.
  • Ultimately, lymphatic drainage has many benefits because it affects the entire lymphatic system throughout the body, not just the treated area.

As you can see, these actions  are not beneficial only body а й mind . Lymphatic massage helps protect you from seasonal viruses and makes you feel lighter, more relaxed and more vital.