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What is a hydrogen breath test (HBT)?
VDT - is a non-invasive and specific method for determining the level of hydrogen, which is produced by the breakdown of sugar by intestinal bacteria then absorbed into the blood and can be measured in exhaled air. The test is available for use by gastroenterologists, pediatricians, and allergists in both children and adults as a diagnosis of lactase deficiency and other types of food intolerance (fructose, sucrose, etc.). It is also used to diagnose excessive bacterial growth in the small intestine and irritable bowel syndrome.

Who is indicated for a breath test?
Patients with chronic diarrhea, abdominal bloating, abdominal pain without specific localization, lactase deficiency, food intolerance, excessive bacterial growth syndrome (EBGS), irritable bowel syndrome.

Gastrolyzer is the first breath test in Ukraine for the diagnosis of lactase deficiency and other types of food intolerance, which is presented in our clinic. The Gastrolyzer test is known all over the world for the diagnosis of lactase deficiency, many types of food intolerance and other gastrointestinal diseases (IBS, irritable bowel syndrome) and is recommended by leading European experts in the field of gastroenterology.

Features of the breath test

This method can be used in adults or patients who are able to hold their breath for a short period of time. The patient inhales deeply, holds his breath, then exhales slowly through the mouthpiece. Within 45 seconds the result will be displayed on the screen and can be saved to the patient profile, uploaded to the GastroCHARTTM database or recorded manually. Then the patient should drink the solution and repeat the breath test after half an hour. The test lasts 2 hours. During the whole test it is forbidden to drink water, smoke and eat. There are no functional restrictions during the test (between exhalations). For younger children who cannot perform the technique described above, a mask is available for use.

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