Psychological support

3.29.2022 0

We have been standing for a month! A month of courage, steadfastness and faith! But at the same time we are experiencing emotional exhaustion, anxiety, fear of the future. Many were forced to leave their homes, worried about their relatives who are at the front. Others will long be disturbed by the noise outside the window, and the washing machine on turbo mode will resemble an air raid. Wakefulness becomes a habit, which further deepens stress and it is very difficult to cope with it on your own.

Psychologists of our medical center emphasize that it is normal to talk about what worries you!

Our specialists are ready to provide you with professional psychological support: consultations, accurate diagnostics and the latest treatment (the president and vice-president of the Association of Neuropsychologists of Ukraine are at the reception).
Complex: psychologist consultation + neuropsychological diagnostics - only 500 UAH. Pay for diagnostics and get expert advice as a bonus!