Cosmetology and aesthetic medicine in the complex Kyivska Russ Resort Medical and Spa

9.4.2022 0

Aesthetic medicine and her benefit.

Every woman always wants to have an attractive appearance. For some of the fair sex, only properly selected cosmetics are enough. But in many cases you have to turn to specialistsbecause you can not do without aesthetic medicine. What is this service, what is its peculiarity?

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What is aesthetic medicine?

Already from the name we can determine that it is about beauty (aesthetics) and medicine, which are combined into one direction. The medical center "Kyivska Rus" in Skhidnytsia offers various services. But most of them are aimed at correcting the appearance with the help of both non-invasive and some invasive procedures, but only in minimal proportions. Most often such services are used by women.

In our cosmetology office all technologies are performed by good specialists who necessarily have higher medical education. Dermatology alone is not enough, other medical fields are needed.

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When to contact such specialists?

There are few women who are completely satisfied with their face or figure, regardless of age. Aesthetic medicine offers a wide range of services. In order not to list them all, it is enough to indicate only a few.

  1. Mesotherapy - is an injection technique. Injections are absolutely painless, and this technology is aimed at rejuvenating the face, neck and décolleté in a non-surgical way.
  2. Cavitation - This is a procedure for removing excess fat deposits using ultrasound, which got its name from the physical process of the same name. Ultrasonic cavitation (non-surgical ultrasonic liposuction) helps to lose weight in the right places: buttocks, thighs, abdomen, arms, flanks and shoulders. Ultrasonic cavitation is a method that "breaks" fat and breaks down old fat deposits - without surgery, pain and anesthesia. It is an opportunity to reduce the volume of your body, remove cellulite and improve your silhouette, without harming other parts of the body.


All this suggests that aesthetic medicine may be needed in many cases. It is important for some women to get rid of excess weight without resorting to diets, while others need to rejuvenate their face.

But signs of aging are not all that worries many of the fair sex. It is very important to increase your self-esteem. A woman should be confident in herself, because it is very important to be noticed. Then she will definitely have more confidence not only in her look, but also in her gait.

 The second important point - is the trauma that negatively affected the appearance. And here also certain aesthetic medicine services will help. The same applies to the impact of certain diseases.

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 How long does the Body and Face Aesthetics program last?

Depending on your goals, you can choose a program for 3, 5, 7, 10 and 14 days.

 What other services are available in the program, besides therapies?

In the hotel complex where clients of the medical center are comfortably accommodated, in addition to therapies aimed at rejuvenation and improvement of skin and hair condition, the program includes  numerous massages and spa treatments that will make you slimmer, younger and more relaxed.