Rehabilitation programs for children with post-traumatic stress disorder

3.31.2022 0

In war, children often undergo traumatic experiences and need support from adults or psychologists.

But childhood traumatic stress does not always manifest itself clearly, sometimes changes in behavior can occur over weeks, months and even years.

In addition, different age groups of children can experience stress differently.

Signs of traumatic stress in children of different ages:

  • cry or scream more often than usual
  • feel depressed or fearful
  • experience new fears, including anxiety when separated from parents
  • have problems with sleep and concentration
  • deterioration of vision and memory
  • the child may have urinary incontinence in bed
  • bad eating habits develop, the child may gain excess weight
  • the child reproduces traumatic experience during the game
  • asks questions about death
  • return to the pattern of behavior that is inherent in an earlier age
  • may have developmental delays

If you recognize signs of unresolved stress in your child - do not hesitate to contact qualified specialists! The joint efforts of our pediatricians, therapists, neuropsychologists have developed effective health improvement and rehabilitation programs for children of all ages: recovery from post-traumatic stress disorder, strengthening of immunity, gastrointestinal diseases, diseases of the musculoskeletal system, ophthalmological programs to improve vision.

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