Don't panic: how to calm children during the war? Advice of psychologists

3.2.2022 0

How to talk to children?
"When speaking, keep calm. Let the person who is the most calm talk to the child. It is worth saying that you are responsible for the situation and will do everything to protect yourself and them.The army is on guard! We are ready to fight back!" An adult should demonstrate reliability and calmness.

Rules for "civil defense":

✅ Listen to the "elder" - teacher, father, mother.

✅ Do not argue, follow the one who is responsible for safety now.

✅ Agree with relatives on communication in case of loss of mobile communication, where to meet, where to hide.

Now they will be appropriate:

a hug;
routine affairs (compatible);
square breathing (inhale - hold your breath - exhale - hold your breath);
computer games;
drinking warm (not cold, not hot) drinks;
telling fairy tales, stories, reading aloud to children;
cartoons, TV shows;
delicious food.
How to calm a child?

You remember that now it is very important to do what I say. I'm scared myself. But I am sure that we will cope. Our army is protecting us now".

  • If possible, offer the child movement, breathing.
  • Give the child responsibility, for example, to keep an eye on the toy.
  • Put the phone on charge and let the child play Tetris or other games.
  • If the child is shaking (or you see fear), you can ask the child to squeeze your hand very tightly.
  • It is worth hugging a lot.
  • It is important to give a sip of water.
  • It's great if you can make a child laugh.
  • If the baby is small - hold the tummy to the tummy like a kangaroo and try to tap the back with your palm - 1 light tap per second.
  • Rock the baby, start singing together.
  • Offer a choice of two actions: do you want to drink tea or water, watch a cartoon or play.
  • If you feel that your child has cold hands and is shaking - rub your hands, talk, let's drink sweet tea.