How to restore emotional state: if psychologist's advice and sedatives do not work

3.24.2022 0

Emotional exhaustion, fear for yourself and your loved ones, panic attacks are an acceptable reaction of your psyche and body to the situation.

Some people manage to cope with the enormous tension on their own: with the help of psychologists' advice, sedatives and support of relatives. But sometimes standard methods do not help, even if we feel more or less safe - the memory does not allow us to curb our own fear and excitement. Therefore, we will begin to talk about medical procedures that will help stabilize and restore the emotional state.

High-tone Hi-top therapy - causes the effect of vitalization (general recovery and renewal of the body, associated with the activation of all body systems). All body functions are normalized. The calming program relieves tension, fatigue, anxiety - patients tend to fall asleep during the procedure.

The therapeutic effect is achieved by launching a number of intracellular biochemical and biophysical processes. At the tissue level, this is manifested in the reduction of swelling, inflammation, a significant acceleration of the repair of damaged tissues and especially in the reduction of pain (in most patients after the first session).

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