Consultation of a therapist at the Skhidnytsia Medical Center

3.3.2023 0

Skhidnytsia Medical Center provides comprehensive services to its clients. A consultation with a therapist is the first stage that begins the diagnosis, preparation of a treatment or prevention program.
Thousands of tourists come to Skhidnytsia every year to improve their health. A large number of unique mineral water springs help to solve serious health problems quickly and effectively. But mineral waters can be drunk only after consulting a doctor. Therefore, the first thing a person should do when arriving in Skhidnytsia is to consult a therapist. Skhidnytsia Medical Center employs experienced specialists.

What does a therapist consultation include?
A medical examination always begins with a consultation with a therapist. The doctor conducts a diagnosis during which he finds out possible contraindications, eating habits, allergies, and draws up an individual plan of procedures depending on the client's goal. They can be different: body shaping, strengthening the immune system, treatment of various diseases.
If necessary, the doctor prescribes a consultation with narrow-profile specialists: endocrinologist, gastroenterologist, nutritionist, cardiologist, etc. The medical center has new modern equipment that allows doctors to perform diagnostics as accurately as possible.
After collecting a complete anamnesis, the therapist develops a program of treatment and use of mineral water, taking into account the dose, temperature, time and frequency of intake. He also indicates which source of water to take from. The doctor takes into account your age, weight, and other parameters when designing the course. It is very important to follow these recommendations if you want to get the desired result.

Therapist consultation in Skhidnytsia - high qualification and attention to the client
Skhidnytsia Medical Center provides services for the treatment and prevention of diseases using traditional and non-traditional methods. The health programs are based on hydrotherapy. For each client, we choose the water that will be most useful, help to get rid of the disease and improve their health.
Treatment in the "Skhidnitsa" - is:
- guarantee of effectiveness - the best specialists have extensive experience working with different patients;
- safety - doctors use methods and practices that have proven to be safe for health;
- individual approach - work with each patient is carried out individually, which allows us to achieve the best results.
Therapists at the Sikhdnytsia Medical Center provide expert advice and help patients use mineral waters properly to achieve their goals.