Rehabilitation after Covid-19 in Skhidnytsia

1.28.2022 0

Rehabilitation after Covid-19
To cure Covid-19 means to go only halfway to full recovery. In most cases, the virus leaves behind severe consequences for the whole body. It depletes the immune system, affects the respiratory and cardiovascular systems, gastrointestinal organs, and often the psyche and nervous system. Effective rehabilitation is the only way to regain lost health and return to an active lifestyle.
The specialists of our medical center have developed an intensive specialized rehabilitation program for patients who have suffered Covid-19. It is fully aligned with European standards and protocols for the rehabilitation of such patients.
For each participant, the rehabilitation program is selected individually, depending on his age, health status and the degree of lung tissue damage. Therefore, the specialists of our center attach great importance to accurate diagnostic examination. Patients undergo laboratory and functional diagnostics, consult with numerous doctors of the medical center. Doctors constantly monitor the condition of patients during their stay in our center and prevent the likelihood of complications.
The following procedures are available to participants within the program:
-hypoxytherapy (treatment with "mountain" air with low oxygen content);
-treatment with mineral waters of the "Naftusya" type;
-enteral oxygen therapy (oxygen phyto-cocktails);
-speleotherapy (salt room), inhalations with natural essential oils;
-physiotherapeutic procedures;
-therapeutic massage;
-therapeutic physical training;
-balneotherapeutic procedures;
-sauna and spa;
-infrared sauna;
-dry activated carbon dioxide baths with sage;
-injections, infusions, manipulations.
Our medical center treats not only individual body systems, the program is aimed at strengthening the immune system as a whole. Therefore, after completing the program, participants note an improvement in heart function, restoration of breathing, a surge of energy and an increase in activity and overall body tone.