Dry carbon dioxide baths in a medical center - what are the benefits?

8.23.2023 0

Dry carbon dioxide baths are a procedure that is becoming increasingly popular. It has a powerful restorative effect on the body and is also actively practiced in medical centers and some beauty salons.

You can have dry carbon dioxide baths in Skhidnytsia at the medical center of the Kyivska Rus hotel complex. Modern equipment and professional staff guarantee comfort, benefit and safety for every patient.


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What are the benefits of dry carbon dioxide baths?

This procedure is based on the healing properties of carbon dioxide on the human body. It actively promotes the expansion of blood vessels, which improves blood circulation and lowers blood pressure. This is one of the hydrotherapy methods used in prevention and recovery programs, as well as part of the complex therapy of a wide range of pathologies.

The effect of dry carbon dioxide baths is similar to that of water procedures, but they are less burdensome for a person, and are also prescribed if water procedures are prohibited (for example, in the presence of cardiovascular diseases).

The procedure takes about 20 minutes. The gas concentration should not exceed 1%.

Carbon dioxide baths have a noticeable effect:

  •   improves skin trophism;
  •   activates metabolism;
  •   has anti-inflammatory and desensitizing effects;
  •   stimulates blood circulation throughout the body;
  •   lowers blood pressure;

In addition, dry baths have a tonic effect and help improve the immune system. They increase the supply of oxygen to the brain, help stimulate thought processes and memory. Cosmetologists will note a noticeable rejuvenating effect and effective skin cleansing.


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Indications for a course of dry carbon dioxide baths

The course of these procedures is prescribed for a large number of indications:

  •   vascular atherosclerosis;
  •   diabetic foot syndrome;
  •   varicose veins;
  •   disorders of the lymphatic system;
  •   hypertension;
  •   coronary heart disease;
  •   lipid metabolism disorders;
  •   neuropathy, etc.

Contraindications for the procedure include pregnancy and lactation, inflammatory processes in the body, colds, and general malaise.


The Kyivska Rus Medical Center offers this procedure separately or in combination with other procedures for the treatment and prevention of a wide range of diseases.