Modern Mayer therapy in Skhidnytsia Medical Center

6.14.2022 0

Cleansing the body is the basis of any restorative medicine. And in this area, the main is the diagnosis and therapy by the Mayer method. The effects of therapy by Mayer are manifested within 8 days. The method itself is based on 4 principles - rest, cleansing, training and replacement - which provides a thorough cleansing, removal of toxins from the intestines and the whole body. The digestive process improves and has a positive effect on the functions of all organs.

Modern Mayer therapy provides targeted treatment, which often helps to cope with complaints that are chronic in nature. A prerequisite for improving your health is a comprehensive detoxification of the body under the supervision of a doctor, as well as a positive activation of metabolic processes. This program also includes a number of laboratory tests as a diagnostic basis.
It is often chosen by people with the following problems: high blood pressure, overweight, gout, atherosclerosis, high blood lipids, metabolic syndrome in type 2 diabetes. Prevention: type 2 diabetes, hypertension in old age, heart attack, stroke.

It's time to take care of your health and appearance - do it under the supervision of highly qualified medical professionals! This wellness program includes a wide range of medical services on the latest equipment, in a modern medical and health complex, the territory of modern medicine in Skhidnytsia and Kyiv.

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