Children's health improvement, treatment and rehabilitation in Skhidnytsia

6.14.2022 0

Summer is the time for children's health improvement. The organization of summer rehabilitation and recreation is of great importance for the restoration of strength, improvement of children's health. In summer, children should be in the fresh air, on the playgrounds as much as possible. After all, this is where the main health-improving moments take place. It is necessary to use this period taking care of full hardening by air, sun and water. These natural factors should be used moderately, not forgetting about the basic requirements for hardening procedures: systematic, consistent, regular, taking into account the state of health and emotional attitude of the child to health procedures.

To see your child healthy every day is a great happiness for parents. A healthy child develops well, successfully learns the world, enjoys life and pleases parents.

In fact, only persistent and caring people get health. For the well-being of a child, adults need to take care of him or her every day, to develop the right habits in the baby from early childhood, to lay the foundations of healthy nutrition and hygiene, and also to undergo at least once a year a medical examination by specialists.
Medical Center "Kievan Rus" offers the program "Children's Health Improvement", which combines diagnostics and health procedures. This is a unique opportunity for a wonderful holiday and effective recovery for the whole family.

We employ specialists with many years of experience who will accurately and objectively determine the state of health of young patients, and in case of a problem, guarantee a quick and successful solution. To improve the health of children, we have all the best: individual support of a pediatrician, modern laboratory and functional diagnostics room, equipped with the latest equipment, effective immunostimulating and general strengthening procedures, inhalations and oxygen phytococcels, salt room, massages and healing baths. In addition, children are interested here, the medical center is equipped with playrooms and a playground.
Take care of your child's health today to have confidence in the future. To know that everything is fine with your child means to avoid unnecessary worries and anxieties, it means to feel the joy of contemplating a happy childhood.

Skhidnytsia Medical Center offers a wide range of services for rehabilitation, treatment and rehabilitation of our young patients, doctors of all specialties, location in a picturesque corner of the Carpathian region - Skhidnytsia, healing springs, incredible mountain air, as well as entertainment and active recreation for the youngest guests in the hotel complex Kyivska russ Resort Medical & Spa.
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