Work out the whole body. What is Nordic walking: the impact on health

6.29.2022 0

Regardless of the time of year, in the woods, parks and embankments you can meet people with two poles - an attribute of Nordic walking. There are some stereotypes around this sport. Some people think that people walk with ski poles, others consider Nordic walking a sport for the elderly. In addition, most people are not aware of the health benefits that athletes receive.

Scandinavian walking - a type of walking with special sticks that help to use the whole body. Nordic walking is not only for the elderly. It is practiced by teenagers, young people, adults. After all, physical activity is necessary at any age. However, for young children it will be difficult to find poles, because their length starts from 65 cm.Walking with poles reduces the load on the knees by 33%. However, only in case of proper technique. So the muscles will work, and there will be no great pressure on the joints. It also supports the back, hip, knee and ankle joints.

We do elements of gymnastics for joints using sticks. We prepare the whole body for physical activity. We warm up joints, muscles and prepare the heart and musculoskeletal system for walking.

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