Tips on how to normalize metabolism

6.8.2022 0

Proper influence on metabolism is one of the most important ways to maintain health. It depends on the slimness of our figure, the health of the body as a whole, and separately of each organ. It is believed that every 10 years the metabolism tends to slow down by 10% - it does not depend on us at all, but knowing certain rules, we can maintain it or even speed it up. All systems and organs are involved in metabolism to some extent: kidneys, liver, intestines, stomach, skin, blood vessels, cells. If you eat a lot of heavy, fried, salty and sweet foods, as a result, the kidneys, liver and gastrointestinal tract will work with increased load, which will lead to a slow metabolism. With a slow metabolism, a tendency to obesity is manifested, the excretory organs can hardly cope with saving the body from toxins. Knowing how to improve metabolism, you can control not only weight, but also the general state of health.

What is metabolism? First of all, it is the process of processing food entering the body into energy with its subsequent consumption and burning. This process is most active in muscle tissue. That is, if the body processes food into energy in time, and we spend it throughout the day, then the metabolic processes are going correctly, and we maintain the correct weight, good shape and physical condition. And if there is a lot of food consumed, then it, of course, is deposited and grows into fat deposits.

What can slow down metabolism?

  • Large amounts of simple carbohydrates and all kinds of sugar
  • Lack of physical activity and sports.
  • Lack of protein in the daily diet for muscle regeneration.
  • Excessive weight.
  • Lack of water, as the metabolic process takes place in an aquatic environment.

There are many different methods to help improve metabolism. In the modern understanding of this process, improve and accelerate are considered synonymous. In a sense, this is true. And yet it is important to decide what to put in the basis: health or weight loss. It is great if these two parameters coincide, because otherwise you can cause irreparable harm to your body. Therefore, before proceeding to the implementation of certain techniques and methods of improving metabolic processes in the body, it is necessary to consult with a nutritionist and therapist, as well as to undergo examinations prescribed by these specialists. That is, it is necessary to clearly establish that the metabolism really needs correction, that there are no conditions or diseases that will progress as a result of independent interventions, and therefore are contraindications.

Consider the existing ways to improve and speed up metabolism

  • Physical activity. You can restore muscle tissue and accelerate the metabolic rate by regular weight-bearing exercises. Run, lift weights - this will speed up the metabolism. Any physical activity, such as walking or cycling, promotes fat burning - and for almost an hour after it stops. You don't even need special exercises to burn calories. Any activity will do. It does not have to be training on simulators or going to a fitness club. Normal walking, swimming, walking, sex, housework will do for this
  • The right breakfast. If you regularly skip breakfast, you can get better, the body will feel future hunger and begins to conserve energy, which slows down the metabolism. Morning meal speeds up metabolic processes in the body. Do not forget to have breakfast with light low-calorie foods.
  • Light dinner. In the evening, metabolic processes slow down a little, but not completely, so you must have dinner 2-3 hours before bedtime. And it should consist of light foods, you can not eat fruit and drink juices for dinner.
  • Protein foods. To process protein foods, the body will need more energy, so it will spend more calories on its processing, which will speed up metabolism and weight loss.
  • Spices and seasonings. If you eat spicy spices in food, it stimulates blood circulation, which affects the same metabolism.
  • Fluids. Water is an important participant in the metabolic process, it suppresses appetite, helps the metabolism to process already stored fats. Water is the basis of metabolism. Lack of fluid slows down the metabolism, so the liver begins to restore it, and does not burn fat.
  • Anti-cellulite and power massage. During this massage, the blood is accelerated and lymph is pumped, as a result, the metabolism will be significantly accelerated. If you do massage with gel, your skin will become more elastic. Also for metabolism is useful honey massage and vacuum massage, which will remove fluids and toxins.
  • Vacuum massage improves blood microcirculation in tissues, accelerates metabolism, promotes local elimination of excess fluid and toxins.
  • Coffee and green tea. Tea contains many antioxidants and nutrients that boost metabolism. Caffeine increases heart rate, accelerates the burning of excess calories. Drinking a cup of coffee in the morning, you will hang, endurance for at least half a day and saturate the blood with oxygen.
  • Eat small meals five times a day. It is advisable to exclude harmful foods from your diet. Eat more fresh vegetables and fruits, they contain a large amount of ballast substances that stimulate digestion and accelerate the removal of unnecessary waste from the body.
  • Sleep. From 6 am to noon, the processes work at maximum, so at this time you need to spend time as actively as possible. And sleep itself is useful for weight loss. During sleep, the body produces growth hormone, which also speeds up the metabolic process, burns calories.Also, the metabolism is accelerated due to the renewal of brain cells during sleep.
  • Building muscle mass. Muscle cells consume more calories than fat cells. Half a kilogram of muscle tissue consumes 35-45 calories per day, and half a kilogram of fat - only about two. This means that the more muscle you have, the more calories you burn every minute of the day, regardless of whether you are walking with dumbbells or just watching TV.
  • Sauna, bath, infrared bath. Infrared radiation enhances cellular activity, accelerates metabolism, provides free breathing of the skin as an independent organ. Steam, enveloping and warming the body, opens pores, increases circulation in the cells and stimulates metabolism. Hot steam speeds up metabolism, opens skin pores and thus expels accumulated dirt. Bath - restores and speeds up metabolism. Bath soars and gives health because it speeds up metabolism, heartbeat several times, and at the same time expels toxins with sweat.
  • Aromatherapy. Essential oil of juniper helps to relieve muscle pain, dilates blood vessels, thereby improving blood circulation and accelerating metabolism.Hot baths (duration 5-10 minutes) accelerate metabolism, sweating.
  • Fresh air and sunbathing. Oxygen causes accelerated metabolism, "burns" subcutaneous fat. Sunlight increases human activity, speeds up metabolism, helps to synthesize vitamin D. Even the mood on a clear day is better. Sunlight can have a beneficial effect on the general condition, stabilize and activate the defenses.