Postoperative rehabilitation

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The main goal of rehabilitation after surgery is to ensure a quick recovery of the patient from the postoperative state and his gradual return to everyday life.
Rehabilitation is an important process on the way to restoring the patient's health. Specialists of the Medical Center - Skhidnytsia find an individual approach to each patient and select effective treatment.

Postoperative rehabilitation is extremely important and is an integral stage on the way to full recovery of the patient at any age. In addition to restoring the body, the list of care manipulations is aimed at preventing the occurrence of dangerous complications. The duration of rehabilitation varies in time from several weeks to several months. It depends on a number of conditions, the most important of which is the patient's age. Recovery of the body after surgery is of particular importance for the elderly. Because of their physiological condition, they are more weakened and have fewer resources for a quick recovery.

Surgery is often the only way to save a person's life, to restore the natural anatomical and physiological functions of the body. But even minimally invasive surgery is a serious test that requires a well-thought-out phased rehabilitation. Depending on the scale and complexity of the pathology, the recovery period after surgery can vary significantly: operations on joints, heart, spine, fractures, arthroplasty, removal of appendicitis, hernias, malignant and benign tumors. Taking into account a whole range of parameters, as well as individual physiological and psychological characteristics of the patient, doctors can apply various methods of postoperative rehabilitation aimed at the fastest and most complete restoration of body functions.

  • Physiotherapy.

    Among the methods of physiotherapy, the most popular are magnetotherapy, electrotherapy, ultrasound treatment, tekar therapy, shock wave therapy, functional magnetic stimulation, laser therapy, deep oscelation, microwave therapy.
    Testimony.: swelling of tissues after surgery, impaired lymphatic and venous outflow, the likelihood of slow scarring and infection, hemorrhage under the skin, difficulty breathing after surgery.
    Contraindications.: cachexia, systemic blood diseases, heart rhythm disorders, bleeding or predisposition to bleeding, neoplasms, high fever (over 37.6 degrees), cardiovascular diseases.

  • Massage.

    There are practically no contraindications for therapeutic massage. The use of massage provides quick rehabilitation after surgery.
    Testimony.: post-traumatic period, swelling, back pain, chronic fatigue.

  • PsychotherapyNeuropsychology.

    Surgery and change of habitual environment often affect the psychological well-being of the patient. In this case, you should consult a specialist and attend psychological trainings.
    Testimony.: post-traumatic period, swelling, back pain, chronic fatigue.

  • Therapeutic physical training, work with rehabilitation doctors, neurologists, vertebrologists.

All treatment methods and a wide range of medical services are available in our medical centers in Skhidnytsia and Kyiv.

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