Women's health. FMS Tesla Former - just sit in the chair!

4.20.2022 0

During the stressful present, the body of each woman can react individually to:
⭕️Stress, nervous breakdowns
⭕️Inadequate nutrition
Improper hygiene
Gynecological disorders, both in girls and women, can disrupt the functioning of the female body and lead not only to poor general health, but also to infertility.

Our medical center has the best doctors, the latest equipment and modern approaches to treatment.

Problems that are a shame to talk about, but must be solved:

✔️ stress urinary incontinence
✔️ recovery after childbirth
✔️drooping of organs after loads and age-related changes
✔️improving the quality of sexual life and female comfort

The procedures are performed on the FMS Tesla Former, the only one in western Ukraine.
Do not postpone a visit to the doctor!
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