Treatment of vibration sickness in the Medical Center - Skhidnytsia

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About the program

The main cause of vibration sickness is the constant impact on certain parts of the body or the body as a whole mechanical vibrations. Vibration adversely affects the general condition of a person, but the musculoskeletal and nervous systems react especially acutely to oscillatory movements of a constant nature. In addition, vibration adversely affects the condition of the hearing organs:

  • high frequency waves create annoying noise,
  • which affects the receptors located in the labyrinth of the ear.

It is impossible not to note the negative impact of vibration on the state of the central nervous system. Under the influence of vibrations, the nerve centers are irritated, which leads to a decrease in their functional abilities, which is expressed in the deterioration of control over vascular tone, blood pressure instability with the development of vascular wall spasm. Against the background of long-term angiospasm, tissue trophism deteriorates, blood supply to neuromuscular and articular fibers decreases.

Timely treatment can eliminate most of the signs of vibration disease and restore the patient's well-being. The longer the body has been exposed to vibration, the longer the therapeutic and rehabilitation measures should be

A huge role in the recovery of patients exposed to vibration is given to physiotherapy treatment.

INit includes the following methods:

anti-inflammatory and desensitizing effect;

  • increased cardiac output with a slow heart rate;
  • increase in cardiac output from 30 to 50%;
  • reduction of peripheral resistance;
  • improvement of myocardial blood supply;
  • reduction of both systolic and diastolic normal blood pressure;
  • increase in diuresis (diuretic effect).

HiToP causes the effect of vitalization (general recovery and renewal of the body associated with the activation of all organs and systems of the body).


  • anti-inflammatory;
  • local analgesic (intensity of pain syndrome decreases);
  • metabolic (metabolic processes are accelerated);
  • trophic (blood flow in the tissues, in addition, the delivery of nutrients and oxygen to them is improved);
  • secretory (the rate of synthesis of various biologically active substances increases).

The skin capillaries expand, additional capillaries open, lymph and blood flow increases, stagnation disappears, which leads to the resorption of infiltrates, has anti-inflammatory effect.

vasodilation, blood flow to the skin, increase in blood flow and normalization of pulse, pressure reduction, blood thinning

Improving tissue microcirculation, eliminating pain syndrome, relieving spasm