Slender and healthy body

2.2.2022 0

It is possible to safely lose weight, and at the same time recover and improve health thanks to a unique method developed by the specialists of our medical center.
Combining a variety of methods and procedures in the fight against extra pounds, they have achieved remarkable success - this program has become one of the most effective according to our customers.
The program of weight loss, recovery and detoxification provides:

  • a comprehensive medical examination, after which the doctor individually selects a scheme for the use of mineral waters of the Skhidnytsia deposit of the "Naftusya" type;
  • nutrition according to a personal diet developed by a nutritionist. Program participants can enjoy healthy, tasty and delicious dishes;
  • physical activity under the supervision of a personal trainer (Nordic walking in the coniferous forest, water aerobics according to an individual program);
  • wellness detox program (a complex of therapeutic and preventive measures, corrective, rejuvenating and manual procedures, spa and physiotherapy. During this program, constant monitoring of laboratory data, body weight and well-being of the patient is carried out).
    This approach to solving problems with excess weight gives brilliant results to the participants of the program after its completion. They easily lose excess weight and volumes, get rid of toxins, toxins and parasites. The wellness course stabilizes blood pressure, normalizes the digestive system, liver, reduces allergic reactions. The body is completely rejuvenated - vitality, physical and mental performance increases. The program has a positive effect on every system in the body, so we know for sure: our clients return home different - younger, healthier and slimmer.