Harmony of hormones during stress

4.18.2022 0

War is stressful for everyone.

Our hormonal system just explodes from increased cortisol.

The well-established system of work of the whole orgasm is disturbed - and this of course affects all organs and systems.

Skin problems, metabolic disorders, problems with the gastrointestinal tract - now we have to help reduce the effects of stress as much as possible, even if we cannot completely remove the cause of the problem. Specialists of our medical center will help to identify the problem and select the best course of treatment to eliminate it.

After diagnosis, the doctor knows what causes hormonal failure and how to treat this disorder.

In the future, the treatment of diseases that caused hormonal imbalance will begin. These are diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, cardiovascular system, etc. Particular attention is paid to the treatment of infectious diseases, in particular sexually transmitted diseases, as they are often the cause of hormonal disruption.

Treatment in women is carried out by an endocrinologist in cooperation with a gynecologist. To eliminate dryness or excessive oiliness of the skin, acne treatment, a woman is recommended to consult a dermatologist.

Treatment of women includes a special diet, hormone replacement therapy and cyclic vitamin therapy.

In young men, treatment is aimed at stimulating the gonads. In older men, hormone therapy is used to correct age-related changes. Much attention is paid to maintaining the health of the cardiovascular system.

Sometimes hormonal failure is the result of vitamin deficiency. In case of vitamin complex supplementation, it is possible to quickly normalize the hormonal background. But in some cases, the disorder is associated with the presence of severe diseases of the thyroid or pancreas, adrenal glands or other glands. In this case, treatment will be long and sometimes lifelong.

Treatment monitoring is carried out using hormone tests and other examinations.

All patients should be examined by an endocrinologist annually. A woman should undergo a gynecological examination 2 times a year.