Preventive medicine. It is easier to prevent a disease than to treat it

6.14.2022 0

Preventive medicine - is a direction in modern medical science and practice, the main purpose of which is to preserve human health. This is possible due to early detection and timely correction of imbalances in the body, which in the future would lead to various diseases and pathologies, their complications. In the past centuries, the main task of doctors was to save lives and carry out emergency "repair" of the human body, because people died from injuries, wounds and acute diseases. Nowadays, the vast majority of visits to doctors are related to the treatment of slowly developing and chronic diseases: cardiovascular, endocrinological, neurological, allergic, etc. And here early diagnosis comes to the fore, which allows doctors to start timely treatment. However, in most cases, the doctor starts treatment when the disease already has obvious symptoms and is accompanied by characteristic changes in the tests.

How to prevent the disease before it develops into specific symptoms and changes in tests? And that is why there is preventive medicine.

Preventive medicine considers the human body as a whole, as a single open system, and takes into account the deep biochemical processes occurring at the level of cells and tissues, as well as at the level of organs and the whole organism. The main principle of preventive medicine is not passive waiting for the disease and its subsequent treatment, but taking preventive measures long before it starts. The principle "disease is easier to prevent than to cure" is known to many people, but few people follow it in practice. Preventive medicine is aimed at minimizing the risks of developing diseases and their complications, preserving health and youth for many years.

Preventive medicine allows you to manage your health. In preventive medicine, a person does not passively undergo treatment - with the help of a competent specialist doctor, he/she gets to know his/her body, understands what negatively affects his/her health and what improves it, and, most importantly, learns to manage these processes himself/herself.

Expert evaluation of clinical tests and results of instrumental methods of patient's examination allow a specialist to draw up an individual program of measures to maintain and improve health. In addition to the classical treatment of existing diseases, a characteristic feature of preventive medicine is targeted treatment algorithms aimed at correcting specific molecular and cellular changes detected in humans. And regular monitoring of target markers gives doctors the opportunity to assess the effectiveness of therapy and preventive measures.

To fulfill and achieve such goals, the Medical Center - Skhidnytsia has comprehensive examinations and programs of preventive measures and examinations for our patients.

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