Therapeutic baths at the Kyivska Rus Medical Center

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Therapeutic baths are actively used in medicine for the treatment and prevention of dermatological diseases, as well as pathologies of joints, internal organs and other problems.

Baths promote active absorption of therapeutic components by the skin due to improved microcirculation. In addition, they have a very good effect on the nervous system, relieve irritability, fatigue, and help normalize appetite and sleep. At the Kyivska Rus Medical Center, a large number of programs include therapeutic baths of various types.


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Types and features of therapeutic baths

Different types of therapeutic baths are practiced in medicine, depending on the goal to be achieved.


Mineral baths

The use of mineral water provides a comprehensive therapeutic effect: blood flow increases, the load on the vessels of the legs, joints, spine, kidneys decreases, and the respiratory system begins to work much more actively. In addition, they provide a strong calming effect.

Mineral baths allow you to enrich your body with sodium and chlorine ions, as well as iron, calcium, magnesium, fluorine, and silicon.


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Dry carbon dioxide baths

This is a special medical procedure based on the action of CO2, which actively dilates blood vessels. This helps to reduce blood pressure and improve blood circulation.

These baths "work" similarly to water baths, but are easier for patients to tolerate. You can take CO2 baths every day, and these procedures are completely safe.

 Carbon dioxide baths have a complex effect:

  •   make blood vessels more elastic;
  •   improve skin trophism;
  •   activate metabolism;
  •   relieve pain and itching;
  •   general anti-inflammatory and desensitizing effect;
  •   improve blood supply to the heart;
  •   lower blood pressure;
  •   strengthen the immune system, etc.


In addition, for the treatment and prevention of diseases at the Kyivska Rus Medical Center, therapeutic baths with salts, essential oils, in combination with water and pearl massages, etc. can be prescribed. This is an effective and absolutely safe means of therapy and prevention of a wide range of diseases.