Doctor's blog. Ten questions about modern medicine of Mayer

8.9.2022 0

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Regardless of whether the first Mayr treatment or not: many patients have very similar questions. The doctor of Mayer therapy in the "Medical Center - Skhidnytsia" Novytska Uliana summarized the most common questions and answers.

1.What are slag substances and why do we actually "slag"?

We call the products of vital activity substances that must be removed, but cannot (yet) be eliminated by the body because the body's own "waste disposal" is temporarily overloaded. The most common waste products include lactate, amino acids and so-called advanced glycation end products (AGEs). These are mainly acidic, water-soluble substances that are temporarily stored in connective and adipose tissue. This increases tissue pressure, squeezing the smallest blood and lymph vessels. This is often the beginning of a chronic disease.

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2. How does the detox work?

First of all, the waste is dissolved back into the shelter due to the intake of large amounts of water from connective tissue or fat deposits. Wastes and toxins temporarily circulate in the blood; this may cause headaches or dizziness in the short term. However, these substances are subsequently excreted through the kidneys (urine) and liver (bile fluid).

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3. What and how much to drink during Mayer therapy?

During treatment, we recommend approximately one liter per twenty kilograms of body weight daily. In practice, this means: up to fifty kilograms of body weight you drink at least two liters, over fifty kilograms - at least three liters and over ninety kilograms - at least four liters, preferably spring water, mineral water without or with a small content of carbonic acid or tea.

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4. Why do you need to take bitter water?

It supports detoxification through the liver, bile and intestines by first stimulating the outflow of bile from the liver and then, thanks to its mild laxative effect, ensuring the rapid elimination of toxin-rich bile.

5. Isn't the right day for the good old "liver wrap" long overdue?

Answer. There is still no more effective means to increase the blood flow in the liver and thus the detoxification activity of the liver than the steam liver wrap. The effect can now be demonstrated even with ultrasound. With two towels, a terry towel and a heating pad you instantly have at hand a remedy that is proven to increase the effectiveness of treatment.

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6. If cow's milk is not so useful, why is it used in treatment?

Basically, a distinction should be made between treatment measures and nutritional recommendations. According to the current state of science, cow's milk is no longer recommended for daily nutrition. However, cow's milk or cow's milk products can still be used during Mer therapy. In case of a true allergy or intolerance, you can switch to a number of alternatives to cow's milk, such as sheep, goat or soy milk.

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7. What is the essence of therapy?

We take advantage of the various effects of the water treatment popularized by Pastor Sebastian Kneipp in Mayr therapy and offer them in the form of additional treatments. They are based on the principles of stimulation therapy and can be achieved most easily with the well-known water applications - bathing in water, hand or arm baths alternately or sitting baths. Procedures Kneipp strengthen the circulatory system, improve blood circulation and suppress inflammation.

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8. Can I do sports during Mayer therapy?

Yes! This became possible thanks to the development of modern Myrian cuisine, which includes protein supplements. They prevent excessive muscle loss during exercise. Unlike previous low-protein diets, when only leisurely walks were allowed, today there is nothing against intensive exercise during Mayer's treatment.

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9. This expansion of consciousness that I keep hearing about did not happen during my treatment. Did I do something wrong?

No! The reason for this special feeling of height is beta-endorphin. It is a substance similar to morphine that is produced by the body itself in extreme situations. For some people, Mayer's treatment or fasting is such an extreme situation that beta-endorphin is released, leading to euphoric states. However, this is a fairly rare side effect of Mehr therapy.

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10. What happens after treatment at home? How often and for how long should Meyer therapy be performed?

Usually at the end of treatment you reach a level of diet that you can maintain at home for some time. The trick is to successfully integrate the eating habits acquired during treatment into everyday life. Ideally, Mayer therapy is repeated after six months. A two to three week treatment with an annual repetition has proven to be practical.