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The ability of InBody body composition analyzers to assess the speed of metabolic processes and measure the volume of metabolically active tissues is widely used in the field of dietetics and healthy nutrition. Medical Center - Skhidnytsia uses the InBody body composition analyzer in medical practice. InBody allows you to accurately measure the component composition of the body due to the method of direct multifrequency segmental measurement of bioelectrical impedance, and the use of a system of 8 tactile electrodes. No empirical estimates, only measurements. The accuracy and reliability of In Body results have been proven by scientists and confirmed by publications around the world. InBody is an effective tool for primary diagnostics in the beauty and cosmetology industry.

Bioimpedance measurement on the InBody device is a method of determining body composition based on measuring the electrical resistance of body tissues and computer processing of the results. Bioimpedance measurement will also help to understand what affects the proportions and weight of the human body, as well as "where" the excess weight came from and what caused it.
Thanks to the method of measuring biological impedance, or bioimpedanceometry, it became possible to more thoroughly study metabolism, water-salt, lipid metabolism and to understand what affects the proportions of weight and body of a person, as well as to understand where the excess weight came from and what caused it.
Bioimpedance is the resistance of biological tissues of the body to the passage of electric current: water, blood, the contents of the hollow organs of the human body conduct current well (they have low impedance), and denser tissues (muscles, nerves and organs conduct current worse), adipose tissue "resists" the passage of current even more.
The system will determine the predominance of a particular type of tissue in the human body, namely:
- the content of adipose tissue throughout the body;
- fat-free tissue content (muscles, bones and joints, nerve cells, organs);
- the content of active cell mass (part of fat-free mass consisting of muscles, organs, bones, nerve cells) - this indicator should be maintained at the same level through physical activity and a balanced diet;
- water content in the body - an indicator of water saturation in the body, which helps to detect excess fluid in the body in the form of edema.
All these indicators in combination with biometric measurements (waist, hip, wrist circumference, weight, height, gender, etc.) are the basis for calculating other, more informative indicators (body mass index, basal metabolic rate (in kcal), etc.)
All these measurements are displayed in the form of graphs and tables on the display screen (they can be printed out), they clearly show deviations from the norm, as well as the dynamics of changes (with several studies), this facilitates the development of recommendations for the correction of therapeutic and recreational measures, and helps the guest to better understand the essence of the changes that are happening to him.
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