Program for restoration of emotional health

6.6.2022 0

Skhidnytsia is a unique place where nature gives inner peace and rest for the soul, and healing air and healing springs heal the body. Skhidnytsia is a "place of strength" for countless people who come here every year for rehabilitation from everyday tension and stress.

The program of the medical center "Reboot" will help in overcoming stress and timely psychological recovery. As part of the program, its participants undergo diagnostics of the body. There is a consultation with a psychotherapist who individually diagnoses the depth of stress and the level of recovery of the functional state of the central nervous system. Each participant is accompanied by a therapist during the program.

To relieve patients of psychological stress and effectively restore the nervous system, the medical center uses only the most modern methods. Thus, we widely use bioacoustic and HiToP therapy. Massages, physical therapy and spa procedures also help participants to relax.

The key to success is timely and professional rehabilitation. We are professionals in this, and therefore our guests easily achieve positive results. Improvement of physical and psychological potential, fullness of vital energy are the main achievements of the program participants after its completion.