Electrosleep: if you can not cope with insomnia on your own

3.25.2022 0

Electrosleep - a method of physiotherapy, during which the patient's brain is affected by weak discharges of electric current. As a result, a person develops a state close to normal sleep.
The pulse parameters are set so that the patient does not feel discomfort and at the same time so as to achieve maximum efficiency of the procedure.
During forced rest in the brain, recovery processes are activated, which has a beneficial effect on all body systems. At the same time, the production of endorphins - "hormones of happiness", which improve mood and have analgesic effect, increases.
Therapeutic effect:
-physical and mental performance increases;
-symptoms of neurological diseases are reduced;
-pain syndromes are reduced;
-blood circulation processes and blood pressure level are normalized;
-improves metabolism;