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6.22.2022 0

How often have rashes, redness on the skin, various spots and peeling made you run to the doctor? We are sure that most of you did so in extreme cases. And in vain. Any, even the slightest dermatological manifestations can be evidence of a disease. You should consult a doctor with this.
Often manifestations on the skin are an external manifestation of pathology of internal organs, central nervous system, endocrine system, severe systemic diseases. In addition, there are a large number of typical skin diseases. Only a specialist can recognize the disease.
Our medical center will help you to establish the diagnosis, causes of the disease and undergo an effective course of treatment. Specially for this purpose specialists have developed the program "Healthy skin".
The program is, first of all, a high-quality diagnosis of the body in a modern laboratory and with the latest equipment. Based on the research, the program participant receives an accurate diagnosis of the skin disease. The program provides support of a dermatologist, consultations with a therapist, nutritionist and psychotherapist.
The next stage of the program is treatment. The medical center offers the most modern methods in the fight against dermatological problems, we use electro and light therapy, laser treatment, pressotherapy, lymph drainage. Ozone and hypoxia therapy rejuvenate, restore the skin and improve the general condition of the body. We apply procedures with local and general action.
Do not delay! Timely treatment in our medical center guarantees a speedy recovery.

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