Feature of therapy according to F.K. Mayer

7.20.2022 0

THERAPY BY F.C. MAIR - is not a radical treatment, and its purpose is not to lose weight - it happens naturally during the cleansing of the body.

3 characteristic features of Professor F.K. MAER's therapy:

1 . Diagnostic procedure very the current state of health of the patient and the presence of diseases that can be detected in the early stages are accurately determined.

2. Manual therapy abdominal area by a specialist doctor intestinal peristalsis (motor function), liver and pancreas function are stimulated.

3.Form of nutrition : a stepped diet (starting from fasting on tea, "milk and bakery diet" and ending with "light deviation from the diet" with a caloric intake of up to 1000 kcal), which provides rest for the digestive system and leads to a conscious diet.

F.K. Mayer's therapy, of course, is also an "anti-aging therapy" : the eyes become clearer and more radiant, the sclera becomes white again, due to weight loss, the skin on the face becomes toned and elastic, but despite weight loss, breasts, abdomen and hips are tightened and look harmonious . the back straightens - in general, the proportions of the face and body are approaching the standards of a healthy person.

Colon cleansing and restorative treatment according to F.K. Mayer through the improvement of the digestive system has a positive effect on the entire human body, affecting all levels: physical, emotional and spiritual.

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