Occupational diseases of IT specialists

9.13.2021 0

It would seem that what is so dangerous about the work of IT specialists? A clean, cozy office, a comfortable place to work. Dry, warm, comfortable. And the work is not difficult, you know how to knock on the keyboard. That's what everyone who watches an IT specialist from the outside thinks, and they envy his or her irregular working hours and good salary. But the work of an IT specialist is associated with many health risks.

  • Vision. One of the most painful topics for an IT professional is eyesight. With age, it deteriorates in most people, and many do not even notice it for a long time, and once they recognize the problem, they do not suffer. But the above does not apply to programmers. The comfort of using a computer depends on eye acuity, and even the slightest disorders are noticed immediately after they appear and are perceived painfully. It is worth adding that IT professionals endure increased eye strain, and any decrease in the quality of vision is perceived as a detriment to their favorite profession. This makes it doubly painful - you think that your hobby and enviable earnings have a bad effect on your health. Among all the health problems faced by a programmer, psychological ones clearly stand out, since the work and rest schedule, permission to relax, and the will to go to the gym depend to a large extent on them. Therefore, in addition to a therapist, an IT specialist should definitely visit a psychotherapist regularly. it is also necessary to regularly check your eyesight and spine condition, get enough sleep, and motivate yourself for success.
  • Food addiction. Although the typical programmer in comedy scenes and movies is portrayed as a thin, even emaciated young man, in reality, dieting is often about a middle-aged man who is overweight. The thing is that "eating away" nervous tension turns out to be just as attractive for a programmer as it is for other people. Especially since people can afford custom-made lunches with delivery.
  • Spine. Those who sit at the computer a lot know how much back pain can occur in the shoulder girdle, simply because of the same position. If you do not react promptly and adequately, pain in the neck and shoulders will be followed by numbness in the fingertips, poor health and an ugly stoop. This ailment is easily eliminated by regular trips to the gym. However, people suffer from scoliosis and its discomfort for a long time, allowing the disease to develop into other forms before they decide to visit a doctor and then a trainer.
  • Alcoholism, addiction to coffee and energy drinks. In light of the conditions described, it is not surprising that some people cannot stand it and try to find an outlet, or cheer themselves up with "invigorating" or "relaxing" chemicals. These include coffee and alcohol. There is nothing wrong with the former if we are talking about a cup in the morning. But what does it look like if a person uses another portion to chase away a night's sleep, or drown it out during the workday? That's right, it looks like coffee addiction. The main substance that causes it is caffeine. How realistic this is can be judged by people who take coffee enemas many times a day. But this addiction is nothing compared to alcohol addiction. The amazing effect of alcoholism in an IT professional is that he or she is able to write programs even when drunk.

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