Dietary nutrition for our patients

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For your comfort and convenience, there are several types of menu in the arsenal of our restaurant.

  • General menu
  • Menu according to Mayer therapy
  • Menu for the DETOX program
  • Vegan menu
  • Vegetarian menu
  • Children's menu
  • Diet menu
  • Lenten menu

Dietary nutrition

It is a mandatory part of a comprehensive treatment. In some cases, dietary nutrition is the main treatment, in others it is necessary, against which all other therapeutic measures are applied.

Dietary nutrition is based on the theory of balanced nutrition. Dietary nutrition is based on the principle of maximum balance of basic nutrients in the daily diet, taking into account the mechanisms of the disease and the state of the patient's enzymatic systems. The therapeutic effect of dietary nutrition is provided:

1) special selection of food products;

2) defined ratios between the main food substances;

3) appropriate technology of preparation of dietary dishes. For example, the exclusion of certain food products from the diet can significantly reduce the content of cholesterol, fats, sodium, sugar, and boiling meat and fish - the content of purines and extractive substances.

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Diet number 5

Therapeutic diet prescribed by our doctors for gastrointestinal diseases or for prevention. It is the most famous and effective among therapeutic diets. Find out what you can and cannot eat and how this nutrition system works. In case of certain problems with the gastrointestinal tract, this diet provides a balanced diet and an equal amount of proteins and carbohydrates. There are restrictions only on fats. Foods containing cholesterol, oxalic acid, essential oils and fats that are oxidized during frying are also removed from the diet. The amount of salt intake is also limited. The diet consists of light and healthy foods.

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Diet number 6

Indications for the diet - gout and urolithiasis with the formation of stones from uric acid salts (uraturia). The diet excludes foods rich in purines (meat, especially young meat, sausages, meat broths, fatty soups, legumes, nuts) and oxalic acid (rhubarb, spinach, strawberries, chocolate, wheat bran, nuts, beets, tea). The diet should limit the amount of salt and increase the amount of dairy products, vegetables and fruits. You should also limit the amount of protein foods and fats, and if you are obese - carbohydrates.

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Diet number 9

We have devoted this material to the medical diet №9, which is used for mild and moderate diabetes mellitus. As you know, diabetes requires strict control of the amount of carbohydrates in the diet and, at the same time, a balanced ratio of all nutrients should be maintained. Diet No. 9 is designed with these requirements in mind. Also, the diet can be used to establish carbohydrate tolerance and the selection of doses of insulin or other drugs. It should be noted that the diet is based on the principles of healthy nutrition, so it can be used not only in case of illness, but also for weight loss or health improvement. It is characterized by moderately reduced calorie content due to the exclusion of easily digestible carbohydrates and animal fats. The amount of proteins in the diet meets the standards of healthy nutrition.