Healing Carpathians: the benefits of mountain air

10.11.2021 0

Carpathians attract people with their beauty and grandeur. Ancient as eternity itself, beautiful, mysterious, fascinating the mind and heart, they do not leave anyone indifferent. Breathtaking views of mountain peaks covered with never melting snow, slopes overgrown with forests, alpine meadows attract everyone who has ever spent a vacation in the Carpathian Mountains.
It has long been noticed that people in the mountains live longer than on the plain. Many of them, living to a ripe old age, retain good spirits and clarity of mind. They get sick less and recover faster after illnesses.

Nowadays it is absolutely clear that there is one very important factor that prolongs human life in the Carpathian mountains - it is mountain air, the oxygen content in which is low and it has an extremely healing effect on the body. Lack of oxygen causes restructuring in the work of various systems of the body (cardiovascular, respiratory, nervous), makes the reserve forces to be activated. This, as it turned out, is a very effective, inexpensive, and most importantly accessible way to restore and strengthen health. When the amount of oxygen in the inhaled air decreases, the signal about it is transmitted through special receptors to the respiratory center of the brain, and from there it goes to the muscles. The work of the chest and lungs intensifies, the person begins to breathe more often, respectively, improves lung ventilation and oxygen delivery to the blood. There is an increase in heart rate, which increases blood circulation, and oxygen reaches the tissues faster. This is facilitated by the release of new red blood cells into the blood, and hence the hemoglobin contained in them.
This explains the healing effect of mountain air on human vitality.

Coming to the mountain resort of Skhidnytsia, many people notice that their mood improves, their vitality is activated.

But if you climb higher in the mountains, where the mountain air contains even less oxygen, the body will react to its lack in a completely different way. Hypoxia (lack of oxygen) will be dangerous, and first of all, the nervous system will suffer from it, and if there is not enough oxygen to support the brain, a person may lose consciousness.
In the Carpathian Mountains, solar radiation is much stronger. This is due to the great transparency of the air, because its density, the content of dust and water vapor decreases with height. Solar radiation kills many harmful microorganisms living in the air and decomposes organic matter. But most importantly, solar radiation ionizes mountain air, promoting the formation of ions, including negative oxygen and ozone ions.
For the normal functioning of our body, both negatively and positively charged ions must be present in the air we breathe, and in a strictly defined ratio. Violation of this balance in any direction has a very adverse effect on our health and well-being.