7 healthy habits to achieve and maintain inner balance

11.1.2021 0

Optimal health and well-being means taking care of physical, mental and emotional aspects.

At Medical Center - Skhidnytsia, we know that it is impossible to enjoy optimal health and well-being without a balanced body, mind and spirit, three elements that are closely linked. That's why the treatments and rehabilitation methods at our medical center combine and integrate a range of complementary disciplines and therapies that work in synergy to empower you to be the best version of yourself at any age. Because physical, emotional and mental aspects must be in perfect harmony if you want to live a full life.
Nature is so wise that it provides all the nutrients the body needs in every season. That is why seasonal fruits and vegetables are the best, most sustainable option for maintaining good mental health.

  • Restorative rest
    Improper rest means waking up tired and lacking energy, which increases irritability and causes significant cognitive decline. "Follow a healthy diet free of stimulants and alcohol, exercise moderately and consistently, but never at night, eat dinner at least two hours before bedtime and prepare for bed, always by midnight, with relaxing practices such as meditation, yoga and conscious breathing."
  • Brain training
    "To develop all the potential that is stored in the mind and to have optimal mental agility, devoting 10-15 minutes a day to activities that have nothing to do with work and that stimulate cognitive abilities is crucial. For example, doing sudoku or crossword puzzles or spending time reading."
  • Physical exercises
    Regularly engaging in any sporting activity is essential when it comes to achieving inner balance. Because, in addition to all the physical benefits such as weight control and strengthening of bones and muscles, endorphins and hormones such as serotonin or norepinephrine are released, which help to improve your mood, control stress and reduce negative feelings associated with depression and anxiety.
  • Vigorous health
    The human body functions with an electrical frequency that can be altered by excessive electromagnetic radiation generated by a mobile phone, computer or tablet, which can distort intercellular communication and lead to health imbalances. To keep vital energy flowing freely and without interference, "turn off your Bluetooth, Wi-Fi or router when you're not using it, talk more on speakerphone and don't use wired headphones, don't carry your phone too close to your skin and, whenever possible, put it on airplane mode."
  • Think short term
    Learning to manage the stress, anxiety or fear that the global health crisis has caused in many people is crucial so that you can adapt to the new reality as quickly as possible. "Do not try to suppress these negative emotions, but accept them and learn to manage them so that they do not become an obstacle on the way. Focus on the present, on the positive and on what you can control, and stop making long-term plans, which has caused many disappointments. Thinking in the short term is very healthy mentally."
  • Feel good about yourself
    Appearance is the main building material for achieving inner balance, because looking good on the outside helps us feel good on the inside, increasing self-esteem and confidence. That is why at "Medical Center - Skhidnytsia" we offer our guests modern equipment and the most advanced dermoesthetics techniques that allow us to perform minimally invasive procedures to slow down the signs of aging and emphasize the natural beauty of each person.