Healthy lifestyle: some tips to maintain your health

10.22.2021 0

Is it possible to stay young not only mentally but also physically? Some people think it's unrealistic, so they forget how important healthy eating and physical activity are as they age. A healthy lifestyle is not about strict diets and grueling gym sessions. Here are some tips for maintaining your health.

◾ Physical activity. We need 2 types of activity each week: aerobic and strength training. Spend 150 minutes a week on aerobic activity. This can be moderate (walking, yoga, cycling at a moderate speed) or intense exercise (running, brisk walking, soccer, basketball). To strengthen the main muscle groups, do strength exercises twice a week. If you usually lead a sedentary lifestyle, try to set aside time for a walk every day and do a little exercise in the morning. If possible, take the stairs instead of the elevator.

◾ Daily routine. The body functions better when it has a stable routine. Go to bed and wake up at the same time, even on weekends. An adult's nightly sleep should last about 7-8 hours, and it is better to fall asleep before 10:00 pm. At night, a hormone is produced that neutralizes oxidative processes in the body. If you like to take a break during the day, then such a nap should not last longer than 45 minutes.

◾ A balanced diet. You do not need to test your body with different diets from the Internet. Strive to consume an adequate amount of calories from food to meet your energy and essential nutrient needs. Your daily diet should include proteins, fats, carbohydrates, and fiber. Be sure to eat vegetables, fruits, and berries. The daily norm of vegetables is 300 g per day or 4-5 servings of 75 g each. Drink enough fluids, choose drinks that do not contain many calories. Do not start drinking alcohol or limit its consumption. Give preference to seasonal and local products. Instead of canning vegetables or fruits, freeze them.

◾ Consumption of junk food should be minimized. Junk food should be avoided. Remember that excessive amounts of sugar not only lead to overweight, but also increase the risk of serious illnesses.Eliminate foods that contain added sugar (sweet drinks, pastries and other confectionery) from your menu. You should also limit the consumption of sausages, sausages, and fast food.

We wish you always have time and inspiration to take care of your health!