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Modern world-class cosmetology could not exist without treatment based on the latest technologies. The range of modern devices is an integral part of it. Without them, achieving the planned therapeutic effect would be impossible. The impact of cosmetic devices is limited to the surface of the skin, making the procedures minimally invasive and safe, while delivering excellent results.Modern cosmetology is not limited to the use of face masks or facial cleansing, but has real possibilities to fight skin aging and correct minor defects. It can also help preserve the effectiveness of more powerful aesthetic medicine procedures. Thanks to cosmetic therapy, we can begin to counteract the aging process at an early age. Cosmetology in our medical center is an integral element not only of care, but, above all, of anti-aging therapy, which improves skin condition, prepares it for aesthetic medicine procedures or prolongs their effect. To achieve the best results, we have a full range of methods at our disposal and work using not only modern drugs but also the most advanced devices.

In recent years, cosmetology has been developing very rapidly. This is largely due to the introduction of various technological solutions that have set new standards of efficiency and quality. A part of our society still perceives cosmetology through the prism of performing simple, superficial procedures, such as chemical peels or care masks. Meanwhile, looking at the full range of cosmetic procedures, only 10-20% of them are currently performed only on the basis of drugs and cosmetics, without the use of modern devices. Even skin moisturizing or gentle peeling is now supported by the latest generation of equipment. High-quality, effective cosmetology simply cannot function without modern technology.

Ways to use modern technologies

The technologies used in cosmetology primarily help the beautician in solving the main problem of poor skin permeability. From a biological point of view, the skin is a very effective barrier. It protects the body from any penetration from the outside. Microorganisms and all kinds of chemical compounds, including those that we would like to introduce into the tissue to improve its condition, are naturally "rejected". And this is where modern devices come to the rescue.

Our treatments often rely on the deep injection of anti-aging drugs into the skin. There are many cosmetic procedures based only on the use of modern devices. They are used to tighten the skin, prevent cellulite, exfoliation or body shaping. All types of mechanical massage using vacuum, radiofrequency or laser devices are much easier and more effective than traditional manual procedures.

Cosmetology also uses devices that affect the deeper layers of the skin from the outside. As a result, they can stimulate it to regenerate without disrupting its continuity, in a safe and non-invasive way.