How does our appearance affect the balance between body and mind?

11.26.2021 0

Looking good and liking yourself is not a sign of frivolity. Rather, it means strengthening self-esteem and contributing to a perfect balance between body and mind. Our respect or lack thereof is largely determined by our cognition and therefore the vision we have of ourselves is a product of our self-esteem.

Feeling of youth and the need for physical and mental improvement

A study by the University of Florida has shown that in most cases, the self-esteem of people who undergo cosmetic surgery increases significantly. Sometimes it is because a person wants to undergo treatment, he feels younger, and in other cases it is necessary to improve the physical and, consequently, psychological state of a person. Statistics do not deceive: both men and women are increasingly concerned about their appearance and are looking for improvement of their appearance.

An article published in The Medical Journal of Australia showed that "research shows that most patients who underwent aesthetic improvements were satisfied with the result and felt better".

Other studies published in Clinical Psychological Science compared people who had plastic surgery with those who were interested in it but did not have it. Study participants who chose to undergo cosmetic repairs and enhancements also reported improvements in their mental health across a wide range of factors. Some of these included:

The physical aspect is fundamental to achieving the perfect balance between body and mind, because we understand that feeling good and gaining confidence are basic aspects of self-esteem and perception that every person has.