How to care for your skin in autumn?

9.30.2021 0

According to cosmetologists, autumn is not the easiest time for the skin, so you should be careful when taking care of it. In the fall, women can see that their skin has become dull and its surface has lost its elasticity and smoothness. It is a mistake to believe that these are manifestations of vitamin deficiency, because usually the diet of Ukrainian women in summer and early autumn is rich in vitamins, and therefore the skin does not experience a significant lack of vitamins during this period. Instead, after outdoor activities in the summer, the skin may have an excess of dead cells. In this case, peeling is an ideal option. Also, peeling in the fall is recommended for people who are prone to pigmentation. In addition, biorevitalization will be especially useful for the skin during this period.

Proper skin care in the fall season requires a comprehensive approach. It's not enough to buy a nourishing cream; to solve the problem, you need to contact a cosmetologist. Experts recommend that women treat themselves to cosmetic procedures during this period to restore the skin and strengthen its barrier functions. Among the most popular beauty procedures in the fall season are TOP 5: Cosmetic services:

  •  cleaning
  • peeling
  • biorevitalization
  • plasmolifting
  • mesotherapy

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