Ultrasound diagnostics - available for everyone in the Medical Center - Skhidnytsia!

12.30.2021 0

Ultrasound diagnostics is the most common method of detecting diseases of internal organs. The main fields of application of ultrasound are examination of adults and children, general examinations of abdominal organs, gynecological and obstetric examinations, breast and thyroid glands, prostate gland, neonatological examinations, etc.
High informativity, harmlessness to the patient, the possibility of dynamic observations and diagnostic and therapeutic procedures made ultrasound one of the main methods of diagnosing diseases of internal organs.
The method is in constant development, as ultrasound diagnostic devices use more and more new technologies that will allow to obtain images of higher and higher resolution.Ultrasound diagnostics is important, and often necessary for the correct diagnosis.

Modern ultrasound systems are used both for early detection of diseases and for expert assessment of the pathological process.

This method of body examination has a number of advantages over other diagnostic methods. First of all, it makes it possible to assess the functional state of organs and systems and is safe for the patient and the doctor.

We use a universal digital ultrasound system by Siemens, whose equipment is recognized as a world leader in the field of visual diagnostics and helps to detect changes in blood vessels and internal organs with the highest accuracy and without harm to health.