Dry needle in the Medical Center - Skhidnytsia

10.19.2021 0

Did you know that physiotherapy can be one of the most effective treatments for pain and some neurological problems? If you are looking for help and relief from suffering for yourself or a loved one, we recommend dry needling. At the Medical Center - Skhidnytsia, you will find experienced physiotherapists who will make a medical diagnosis and then schedule a series of procedures. Thanks to our experience with the dry needling technique, we know how to choose the right needles and which trigger points to stimulate to achieve the best results.

Along with other physiotherapeutic methods, dry needling can bring very good results in terms of muscle relaxation and pain relief.

Dry needling is a therapy that we implement after a palpation examination aimed at identifying areas that are sensitive to touch, including ligaments, tendons, and fascia. The very first visit will be very valuable, because after a short conversation, we will get down to business. We will take care not only of your physical health, but also of your state of mind - before and during the procedure, we inform you about everything we do, so nothing will surprise you. You will feel confident and safe while under the care of an experienced specialist at our medical center.

Who is indicated for a dry needle?
We use a dry needle in patients suffering from:

- headache, back and joint pain
- nervous problems
- dysfunctions caused by muscle problems,
- sports injuries, tennis elbow, frozen shoulder, heel spur.
- What is the effect of the treatment?
- Dry needling brings pain relief - you will feel it very quickly! But this is not the end, because as a result of the general relaxation of the body, its metabolism will improve, body mobility will increase, and the muscle will relax.