What is ozone therapy?

9.23.2021 0

Have you ever noticed the clean, fresh smell in the air after a thunderstorm? This scent is ozone, a natural air purifier that serves as a layer of protection against the harsh UV rays of the sun. Luckily, thanks to recent medical advances, you don't have to wait until after a storm to reap the benefits of ozone! Ozone therapy has been used for years to improve health.

How ozone therapy works

Ozone purifies the air we breathe and also acts as a detoxifier for our bodies by selectively attaching and eliminating bacteria, fungi, parasites, mold, yeast, and viruses. Ozone therapy can also help our body get rid of toxic metals. Ozone therapy increases the production of cancer-fighting compounds and strengthens various parts of the immune system that are suppressed by chronic infections and cancer. Ozone therapy helps stop the growth of human breast, lung and uterine cancer cells by 40-90%. Even better, ozone therapy selectively destroys cancer cells without harming healthy cells!

Preventive health

By using ozone as a preventive measure, it can protect you from disease and strengthen your body's natural defenses. The words of Benjamin Franklin, "An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure," are not far from the truth. Preventing disease is much easier than curing it. Unfortunately, in the fast-paced world we live in today, we are exposed to a large number of chemicals. These chemicals can be not only in the food we eat or the water we drink, but even in the air we breathe. The human body is largely made up of oxygen, an element that we often neglect when it comes to improving our overall health. Ozone therapy can help stimulate the immune system, as well as calm the part of the immune system that leads to autoimmune diseases. The body's immune system produces special messengers called "cytokines" as a reaction to being activated by ozone therapy. These cytokines tell other immune cells to start a cascade of powerful changes in the entire immune system to fight off disease. The use of ozone therapy is useful both in preventive medicine, as it simultaneously activates the immune system in patients with low immunity (cancer, chronic diseases), or acts as a regulator of the immune system in patients with overactive immunity (autoimmune disease).

Benefits of ozone therapy

  • Autoimmune diseases

Many of the therapeutic properties of ozone therapy have been used to treat a variety of conditions, including autoimmune diseases. In a study of patients with diabetes, ozone therapy improved controlled blood sugar levels, significant lesion improvement without side effects, and fewer amputations than in the control group. In patients with other autoimmune diseases, such as ulcerative colitis, rheumatoid arthritis, lupus and Lyme disease, ozone therapy can help reduce inflammation, accelerate the repair of damaged tissue and reduce pain.

  • Cancer

In the body, ozone gas is converted to hydrogen peroxide, and hydrogen peroxide is likely the main component of the therapeutic effect. It is a strong oxidizing agent that has the potential to create antioxidants that are useful in preventing cancer. In studies, hydrogen peroxide has been used to induce the death of cancer cells. Since healthy cells cannot survive in a stressful environment for long periods of time, ozone therapy increases antioxidant enzymes, which causes cancer cells to die but promotes the survival of healthy cells.

Now you understand the many benefits of ozone therapy and how it works, but you may be asking yourself: "Is ozone therapy safe?". The answer: "Ozone therapy is safe if done correctly." Ozone therapy has been used and studied extensively for centuries, and its effects have been proven to be safe with minimal side effects. Under the strict supervision of a specialist, ozone therapy can not only help prevent and treat a variety of conditions, but can also be a powerful boost to your overall health!