Rehabilitation for diseases of the urinary system. Urology at the Medical Center - Skhidnytsia

11.23.2021 0

In order to restore the impaired functions of the kidneys and urinary tract, a program has been developed that aims to improve their functional state, reduce the stone-forming substances in the urine and the passage of stones, "sand", normalize the electrolyte balance:
Suspension of inflammation until a long period of remission, restoration of impaired renal and urinary tract functions, elimination of the causes of diseases.

Due to increased diuresis, decreased urine density and pH stabilization, the functional state of the kidneys and urinary tract improves, stones and "sand" are passed, electrolyte balance is normalized. Microcirculation and innervation of the prostate gland improves, which can significantly increase erectile function, physiological and emotional state.

The complex effect of clean mountain air, saturated with essential resins of coniferous forest, unique properties of healing springs and therapeutic or preventive procedures according to the doctor's prescription, increases physical and mental performance, body resistance, gaining invaluable wealth - health.