Rehabilitation program after cancer for men and women

11.2.2021 0

Medical rehabilitation in oncology involves a set of medical, pedagogical, psychological measures aimed at restoring or compensating for impaired or completely lost functions. The purpose of rehabilitation is to restore the ability of a cancer patient to live and work in a familiar environment. For this purpose, methods of reconstructive surgery, rehabilitation therapy, sanatorium treatment, prosthetics, psychological assistance and social rehabilitation are used.

The sequence of rehabilitation stages is important for a cancer patient. Under the influence of a stressful situation, the patient has psychogenic reactions, among which the depressive syndrome prevails, therefore, at the preparatory stage, attention is paid to the adaptation of the patient's psyche to the perception of the diagnosis and further interventions.
The treatment stage includes individualization of medical rehabilitation in the pre- and postoperative period, before and after chemotherapy and radiation therapy.
The early recovery stage is carried out within 2-3 weeks after the end of treatment and may include climatotherapy, psychotherapy, metabolic rehabilitation, methods aimed at restoring the functional systems of patients, strengthening antitumor resistance. The late recovery stage is a direct continuation of the early one.
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