The benefits of mineral water on the body

10.22.2021 0

Water is the basis of life - and this is an indisputable fact. Our body is half made up of water, so it is very important to replenish the water balance in time to avoid losing this vital liquid. Today, there is a huge variety of drinking and mineral waters. Therefore, it is very important to know everything about mineral water, and most importantly, what are the benefits of mineral water, as well as the harms of mineral water to the body, which we will tell you in more detail in this article.

The benefits of mineral water: effects on the body

  • Mineral water contains many micro- and macroelements that effectively restore the water-salt balance in our body. These can include substances such as bicarbonates, chlorides, sulfates, sodium, bromine, magnesium, silicon, and many other elements.
  • The effects on the body and the benefits of mineral water are largely determined by the presence of these elements. It should also be remembered that mineral water, depending on the amount of these beneficial elements, can be of three types: table water, medicinal table water, or medicinal water, which is recommended to be consumed under medical supervision. For example, the benefit of mineral water with magnesium is that it neutralizes the negative effects of stress. In case of gastrointestinal diseases and urolithiasis, it is useful to drink bicarbonate mineral waters. But sulfate mineral waters should be drunk in case of obesity and diabetes mellitus, and are not recommended for osteoporosis. The harm of mineral water with sulfates is that they interfere with the absorption of calcium from food. The benefits of mineral water containing iodine are undeniable for people with thyroid diseases. In addition, mineral water is well suited for drinking in hot weather, during active sports, when the body needs to restore water and salt balance.

Many people wonder how to drink mineral water correctly so that the benefits of mineral water are maximized and, accordingly, the harm of mineral water to the body is minimized. There are several rules for drinking mineral water. It is important to know that mineral water should be drunk before meals and after certain hours. And it is best to drink mineral water in courses. One course of mineral water use should not exceed one and a half months.

The temperature of mineral water also plays an important role. In order to maximize the benefits of mineral water and minimize the harms of mineral water, it is best to consult a doctor on this issue.

The benefits of mineral water are undoubtedly beneficial for the prevention and treatment of many diseases, but it should be remembered that mineral water should not be abused.