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The essence of the method is that the tension of the tape is very close to the tension of human skin, so it seems to take over part of the load of overloaded skin areas, helping them in their work. To do this, a special adhesive tape several tens of centimeters long and 5-10 cm wide is glued to the sore spot (sprained muscle, tendon or hematoma) in a special way. There are several ways of gluing the tape, depending on the desired effect.

The action of the tape begins immediately after gluing and lasts around the clock for up to 5 days. During this time, it does not need to be peeled off and removed. The tapes are made of modern materials based on cotton and acrylic, dry quickly, do not contain allergenic materials, and last for many days without causing discomfort even when in contact with water.

Numerous studies on athletes have shown that the effect of this method is most pronounced during the first 5 days, after which the effect gradually decreases. The most significant effects are analgesic and anti-inflammatory. If the tape is applied correctly, after a few minutes you feel pain relief and an increase in the range of motion of the affected limb.

Unlike classical rigid taping and elastic bandages, which should provide complete fixation, kinesio taping allows you to maintain and even increase the mobility of the injured limb, as the elastic tape takes over part of the load of tendons and muscles, and also lifts the skin, allowing the fluids under it to move more freely. Thus, kinesiotaping gives the body the opportunity to use its own forces for healing by supporting and stabilizing muscles, joints and ligaments, increasing the space for the circulation of intercellular fluid, blood and lymph.