Men's health. Plasmolifting (PRP) of the penis

1.14.2022 0
  • For what purpose men go for PRP
    Erectile dysfunction - the inability to achieve and/or maintain an erection sufficient for sexual intercourse and sexual satisfaction, which is observed for 3 months or more. This problem occurs in 20% men over 40 years old. With age, this figure increases. Approximately 70-90% cases are associated with age-related organic restructuring of the penis structures. To treat this disorder, inhibitors are used, which require long-term administration.
  • What is this manipulation? Plasmolifting of the penis is an injection method used not only for the treatment of erectile (sexual) dysfunction, but also for Peyronie's disease, as a preoperative manipulation before some types of surgery, for the relief of pain in the penis caused by curvature and in other cases. This manipulation allows to stimulate the hidden regenerative resources of the body, to improve tissue trophism through the use of platelet-rich blood plasma (it is previously taken from the patient).
  • Benefits of plasma lifting (PRP) of the penis. Plasmolifting of the penis - safe procedure, as the patient's own blood is used, which is not able to cause an allergic reaction or infection. The risk of rejection reaction is completely excluded.

The procedure is absolutely safe, because the patient's own blood is used for treatment. And more precisely, made from the patient's patient, real plasma enriched with platelets. Finding its way to the patient, it provokes the regeneration of natural tissues. Returns the release of its own collagen in normal doses. Accelerates the recovery of mucous membranes. The risk of allergic reactions, rejection and infection of the patient disappears to zero. Penis plasmolifting is scientifically proven to reduce the symptoms of erectile dysfunction in men.

In modern medicine, there are clear advantages of the method:

  • Achieving high results as quickly as possible
  • Absolute painlessness
    absence of trauma
  • There are no side effects,
  • Does not require a recovery period,
  • The procedure is available to patients of any age,
  • The procedure does not require a hospital.

    During the procedure, the natural synthesis of not only collagen, but also elastic fibers is significantly improved. This naturally contributes to cell renewal and normalization of metabolism. A significant effect is felt after the first procedure, and with subsequent procedures it accumulates.