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Hardware treatment is a modern method of prevention and treatment of ophthalmic diseases in children and adults. The course of hardware eye treatment is selected individually and is aimed at improving the quality of vision and the state of the visual analyzer. Highly qualified ophthalmologists have compiled an optimal set of hardware exercises that effectively restores and improves vision. The Medical Center - Skhidnytsia has developed several medical programs for the day of treatment and rehabilitation of the organs of vision.

  • Ophthalmology program for chronic blepharitis, barley in the initial stage, cholesion in the initial stage, rehabilitation after laser vision correction
  • Ophthalmology program for myopia, hyperopia, astigmatism, computer syndrome
  • Program "Look at the world with different eyes"

For the prevention and treatment of various eye problems associated with visual stress, muscle coordination disorders and optical disorders, modern ophthalmology actively uses hardware treatment methods.

They allow you to strengthen your vision, and in many cases improve it without surgery. In some diseases, hardware treatment is the only way to improve vision. Particularly effective is the use of devices for the treatment of children's eye diseases associated with impaired coordination and muscle function of the eye.